What are the next steps to attending the Hannah School?

We start the process with a “Shadow Day” at the Hannah School. The shadow day will include

approximately 2 hours of testing. The tests include the KTEA test, a sound test, Full Range Test of Visual Integration test, and a sensory profile. This gives us a baseline for the student and tells us what class or classes your child will attend. Once these tests are completed, the student will then

be able to sit in on one or more classes to see how the flow of our classes works. Our classes are very fluid and aimed so each child gets what they need. Ages are generally grouped similarly but children are not simply divided up by “grade” but more on ability and what reinforcements they need. If the student is more advanced in math then they may be in a class above their peers. If they need more help with spelling or reading then they will be in a class with students who have similar needs.

At this time, our shadow days have a $400 testing and placement fee. The tests are generally performed by an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Language Pathologist. Parents are welcome to attend shadow days and have a meeting with the therapists following completion of testing. After completion of the shadow day, an acceptance letter will be emailed to the parent if needed to apply for the Succeed Scholarship. At this time, there is no waiting list to attend Hannah School.

After the shadow day is complete, we can schedule a date to begin school. Annual tuition and fees total $11,000. If a student begins in the middle of the school year, fees will be prorated. If your child has an IEP or qualifying diagnosis, the Reform Alliance is a great resource for scholarship opportunities.