Hannah School Testimonials

Here 4 Kids and Hannah School are helping remediate dyslexia through a multi-sensory approach.


Amy says that her children continued learning even when we had to abruptly move to online schooling during Covid-19. Her children still received their occupational and speech therapy sessions. Hannah School made sure they had everything they needed.

"She made more progress in one year at Hannah School than she had in six years of public school." - Amy M.

"Hannah School has given my daughter the confidence to write well and express herself. She used to avoid writing out of fear of failure."

S.H. Henderson

My name is Maddie Malmstrom. I am 17, and I have been going to the Hannah School for two years. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of 2018. I was entering high school not knowing how to read at the appropriate level, not knowing how to spell certain easy words, and not knowing how to write papers. Each year kept getting harder and harder because I didn't know how to read. Leaving school and friends behind was hard on me, but it was for the best.The Hannah School is amazing and I wish I knew about it sooner. Hannah School has changed my life. Being here for almost two years has helped me read at a high school level and I can now write papers and I am better at spelling. Hannah School has changed my life and many others. I wish everyone knew about this school because it is amazing. My life was hard before going to the Hannah School. I was getting not so good grades and I never wanted to go to school, then Hannah School came into my life. This school is not your average school. You have fun here and you learn. The teachers are helpful and if you don't understand something they will help you one on one and I love that. I have never gotten that kind of help before. The teachers are amazing and loving. They are kind of like parents to me. I feel like Hannah School is my home. I have more friends here than I did before. I love waking up and actually going to school. The Hannah School is an amazing school and I love it here.

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