Happenings in the Hannasphere

See what is happening at Hannah School, Arkansas's only school

devoted to educating dyslexic students

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Shawnda Majors, Co-Founder, talks about Hannah School, dyslexia, and The DuBard Association Method.

1 in 5 people has dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurologically based learning disability that makes it difficult to read. Dyslexics have average to above average IQs and are often very intelligent and creative. Some of the greatest minds in our history were dyslexics and, given the proper intervention and instruction, have unlimited potential. Sadly, there are many students waiting to learn to read in their current school environment. Dyslexics need a special way to learn, and many schools are not providing it. They are at high risk for dropping out of school, and being trapped in a cycle of illiteracy that will leave them unable to secure a job or remain underemployed. The Hannah School can break this cycle and ensure dyslexic students achieve their full potential.

In Little Rock, Arkannsas, Hannah School offers distance learning, home school, and tutoring in addition to our fully accredited K-12 school.
Hannah School offers speech and occupational therapy during school hours. Our therapists are offering teletherapy and help students remediate their dyslexia using a variety of multisensory approaches.
Distance learning for dyslexia intervention, tutoring, full educational evaluations, speech and occupational therapy are all offered at Hannah School.  The DuBard Association Method is the reading program used.

Take a look at some of the cool technology we are using for distance learning. Using RocketBook Beacons we can send notes directly from the white board to our google drive. We have also been playing games and working on handwriting using jamboards. Every day we have students in virtual classrooms learning and improving their reading and writing skills along with their classmates that are physically in our building. Our speech and occupational therapists are also providing TeleTherapy sessions for students.

Hannah School offers a home school service as well as in school and distance learning. We have invested in new technology to create a virtual classroom to remediate dyslexia and other language based learning differences.
The DuBard Method is used in school as well as online for our students.
Our teachers are using technology to create learning games. Our Dyslexia therapy is fun!