How Hannah School is educating during a global pandemic, login to our gradelink portal, and more information for parents of our students and prospective students

How Hannah School is Educating During a Global Pandemic

Not only are we in the midst of a global crisis, but Hannah School has taken a leap of faith and moved locations. As always Hannah School is committed to your child receiving the best education possible no matter the circumstances.

*Scheduling and limiting the number of people in our building. Parents are not allowed inside the building. Only students and staff.

*Dividing students and teachers into pods. These pods will not come into contact with each other and there should be no cross contamination.

*Sanitizing multiple times each day. Hand washing multiple times throughout the day. Masks are required in common areas. The students are sanitizing their area when they walk into the classroom and before they leave each day. Students will not share supplies. Adults are sanitizing several times throughout the day. Playground equipment will be sanitized between the use of each class. Bathrooms are cleaned with CDC approved cleansers after each use. A professional cleaning service will clean the building and sanitize each room every afternoon after students leave.

*We are dedicated to continuing your child’s education, their safety and the safety of our staff during the pandemic. The most important thing we are doing to educate your child is continuing to customize learning for each individual child. We are teaching method and math in person at our school. Reinforcement activities will be given to children for days that they are not on campus. We will continue to teach all core subjects to students. Vocabulary, Literature, History and Science lessons will be taught in an online format for the time being.

Children using The Dubard Method to remediate dyslexia.