Hannah School

Interventions and Academic Resources Used at Hannah School

Our main goal is to provide intensive intervention in conjuction with a rigorous academic curriculum. We utilize two different models, created by Melissa Hannah, with the objective of creating independent learners prepared not only for a successful academic experience but a limitless future.

Preventative Intervention Model

Melissa has designed the Preventative Intervention Model© (PIM©) that is geared to not only help teachers build critical skills for later academic success in their classrooms. This model allows teachers to intervene quickly for children who are at-risk for academic failure or are struggling to master early elementary academic skills. The PIM© is designed to "catch them before they fail". Research has proven that early intervention is critical and PIM© is an educational model designed to prevent academic failure.

This model of instruction is utilized primarily for students preschool through 5th grade. At Hannah School these classrooms implement the DuBard Association Method as the primary literacy intervention program. This instruction is provided for a minimul of 2.5 hours each morning. The remainder of the day will consist of an hour of math intervention, language/literacy lessons with grade level curriculum standards (science, social studies, etc) embedded.

Academic Intervention Model

Melissa has designed the Academic Intervention Model© (AIM©) that is geared to not only help teachers promote success in their classrooms but provide the intensity and frequency of intervention and therapies a student needs to experience academic success. Using AIM© educators create an academic plan that remediates the underlying deficits that intervere with academic success while prioritizing the academic instruction critical for success later in life. Students Academic Intervention Plans (SAIP) outline the ratio of intervention to academic course work each student needs for maximum success. Students are provided intensive intervention a minimum of 2 hours each day, more if needed. Then acdemic course work is chosen and designed based on the requirements recommended by the Arkansas Department of Education. This ensures students receive the proper intensity and frequency of therapies and a quality education. Courses offered are geared for students 6th - 12th grade.