Melissa Hannah


Founder of H.E.R.E. 4 Kids, Hannah School, & Hannah Educational Resources & Evaluations

Melissa is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Certified Academic Language Therapist, and an International Dyslexia Association Certified Dyslexia Therapist. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology. She has practiced as an SLP for over 2 decades in a variety of academic and therapeutic settings. She has vast experience working with children with dyslexia, language impairments, learning disabilities, speech impairments, childhood apraxia of speech, and autism spectrum disorders.

In addition to therapy, Melissa also completes comprehensive language literacy evaluations that provide critical information to families and educators. As a result of these evaluations, parents and professionals are armed with precise and accurate information and can outline and provide appropriate academic interventions and accommodations that promote academic success for children. Research has proven that children with dyslexia or related learning disabilities excel when using a researched based multisensory approach. The International Multisensory Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredits many of these approaches and training programs. Melissa is certified in two IMSLEC accredited programs, the DuBard Association Method and Sequential English Education (S.E.E.). She is also trained in other programs like Lindamood Bell’s LiPS, Seeing Stars, and Visualize and Verbalize. She has also completed the introductory training in the Wilson Reading System, another nationally recognized reading intervention and classroom curriculum.

Melissa has been practicing for over 20 years and her methods have proven to be successful for many children. She has designed a Preventative Intervention Model which utilizes screening and assessment data to provide academic intervention before the child begins to experience academic failure.