Hannah School Testimonials

Here 4 Kids and Hannah School are helping remediate dyslexia through a multi-sensory approach.


Amy says that her children continued learning even when we had to abruptly move to online schooling during Covid-19. Her children still received their occupational and speech therapy sessions. Hannah School made sure they had everything they needed.

"She made more progress in one year at Hannah School than she had in six years of public school." - Amy M.

"My little boy is so much happier at Hannah School. His dyslexia, dyscalcula, and dysgraphia are getting so much better. He doesn't feel like a failure when he doesn't understand something the first time. The teachers have been so patient with him, and so his self confidence has risen. He seems to be performing better since there is no stress on him to perform." E.N. Hill

"Hannah School has given my daughter the confidence to write well and express herself. She used to avoid writing out of fear of failure." - S.H. Henderson

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